Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another weekend with the Braatens

This will be kind of short, but I want to get into a habbit of updating this site for the family. We went to Riverfest this week and saw Eli Young Band Weds. Took the kids to see the Wichita Syphony last night and the fireworks for the end of Riverfest. Here is a picture of Dak climbing the coconut tree. We picked up the Gunieas and took them to the farm today, but burried the suberban trying to get the new chicken coup out to the back 40. The chicken coup is now right next to the trailer and the suberban until we can get the tractor out to pull them out, but the Guineas are all good! Oh lol, and I have 300 trees to plant this week if the sun will come for a few days!

Ed and Becky

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