Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The pond is full!!!

Yeah! The pond is finally full! It was sitting about 3/4 of the way full until the rains over the last few days. (Sorry, not the best pic, but it was raining!) We have added blue gill, bass, catfish, and minnows to our evergrowing farm.

Also in addition to our farm are
3 new Southdown sheep.
We got one ram and two ewes, one of which is pregnant and due on Ed's Birthday, Oct 6.

The house is still coming along slowly but we are getting there. I have put several pics from the summer below in a seperate posting. The wheat was harvested on June 24 turning our beautiful front yard of golden wheat into an empty field of mud again.

Here are a few pics from the summer. Some updated pics of the house, the pond in progress, Ed Dak and Lys on the ditch witch trenching, and the summer wheat being harvested.
Its been a long crazy summer but things are coming together slowly. The pond is now completed and full of water and fish. We have AC up and running (Whew!). The trim work is in and the the process of staining now. Some of the cabinets are installed and the hardwood floors are also installed.